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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is at the centre of our school ethos. It gives us great pride to nurture and support our students, to ensure their personal, emotional and intellectual development and well-being.

The Head of Pastoral Care is Mrs Bridin Loughran. Each Key Stage is led by a Head of School and each Year Group is led by a Head of Year while each Form Class is supported by a Form Teacher. We recognise the importance of peer support and so the Year 14 Senior Leadership Team are available to offer advice and support for any student in need.

Our role is to create a school community where each individual is nurtured and cared for, where the student voice is valued, where parents are embraced as partners and where the academic, emotional, cultural and social well-being of our youth is of paramount concern. Our aim is to care for the whole child. We are not just focused on academic outcomes, but on ensuring that our students are happy, celebrated, encouraged and inspired. We recognise that students have a right to feel safe and secure; therefore Child Protection is at the heart of our work.

St Patrick's College Dungannon
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