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Home Economics


Mrs C McIlvenny (Teaching Staff)
Mrs N Herron (Support Staff)

Introduction / Welcome

Home Economics is offered to all year groups. It involves students in the study of nutrition, healthy food choices, diet and health, consumer issues within the context of family and home. It provides essential life skills including practical skills, decision making, time management, numeracy, literacy, ICT and consumer skills.

Department Aims

  • stimulate and sustain an interest and enjoyment of the subject
  • develop the skills associated with home economics activities;
  • develop knowledge and understanding of current nutritional advice and apply this within the context of diet and lifestyle of family members;
  • increase knowledge and understanding of human needs, the interdependence of individuals and groups, and the influence of social, cultural, economic and environmental factors;
  • increase awareness of the implications for home economics of rapid technological change, advances in scientific knowledge and to develop the ability to respond effectively;
  • foster a critical and analytical approach to decision making and problem solving;
  • develop the knowledge and skills required for the effective and safe organisation and management of resources.

Curriculum Details

Key Stage 3

Within the NI curriculum, a wide range of topics are covered including family life, healthy eating, nutrition, choice and management of resources, hygiene and safety, and consumer issues.

Key Stage 4

KS 4 students can choose between GCSE Food and Nutrition, GCSE Child Development.


After-school cookery will be offered throughout the year and will be tailored towards different year groups so that each group is able to avail of the opportunity of after school cookery.

Revision classes will be held for year 11 and year 12 classes.

Useful Links

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