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Head of Department
Mrs Caroline McCarroll

Teaching Staff:
Mrs S Devlin, Mrs K O’Lone, Miss S O Neill, Miss N Mc Girr

Laboratory Technician:
Mrs P McKenna

Classroom Assistants
Ms Elaine Hughes & Mr Mark Lyttle


Our Department is inclusive and takes a holistic approach for each student to reach their full potential.

Department Aims

  • To develop, maintain and stimulate student’s curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Science.
  • To develop the students understanding of science with appropriate scientific concepts, methods and vocabulary.
  • To develop in students a knowledge and understanding of themselves and mankind in general
  • To encourage in students, the development of an open mind, practical and social skills so all students can work independently and in groups.

Curriculum Details

Key Stage 3

Year 8
Our thematic unit beginnings, is covered in our introduction to science
Our cross curriculum skills are linked to the mathematic department when we cover handling data during the investigating science unit.
Units of work- Introduction to science, Investigating Science, keys and classification, States of matter, Dissolving and separating techniques, electricity and circuits

Year 9
Our thematic unit balanced diet links with Home Economics
Units of Work
Magnets, Materials, Air, gases and Pollution, Energy, Flowering plants, Human reproduction and Balanced diet.

Year 10
Units of Work
Circulatory System, Forces, Sound, Light and Space, Chemical Reactions, Acids and Alkalis, Periodic Table

Key Stage 4

In the revised curriculum it is compulsory for all students at KS3 to study Science. The basic requirement at KS4 is satisfied by Single Award Science and extended by Double Award Science.

All science courses contain elements of Physics, Chemistry Biology and Environmental Issues and practical skills assessment

Single Award Science (CCEA)
Single Award modular has 4 units tested over the 2 years in Feb, Nov, and the Summer of Year 12
Students can achieve Grades A*-G depending on tier entered for.
Each examination has one resit if required.

Double Award Science (CCEA)
There are 3 units covered in Year 11 worth 33%
There are 3 terminal tests in Year 12 worth 42%
There is a practical skills unit worth 25 % taken in Year 12

Students can resist each examination once

There are 3 terminal tests in Year 12 worth 42%

There is a practical skills unit worth 25 % taken in Year 12

Students can resist each examination once


Revision classes for all GCSE Science examinations occurs regularly throughout the year.


The Science department is involved in delivery of STEM. Both teachers and pupils from all years’ work closely together in a hands on way to solve real life problems with local primary schools. We are also involved in the Young Scientist of the Year competitions in which our students choose an interesting project to work on and develop. Our Science department is equipped with a top of the range garden shed/planting area which our students avail of in the Spring/Summer months.

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