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We belong to the Archdiocese of Armagh


The Archdiocese of Armagh, founded by St.Patrick in the mid 5th-century, has been blessed by the faithful witness of many saints over the centuries. Some of them are well known and celebrated, like St. Malachy, St Oliver Plunkett and St Trea. Most them are our committed and faithful ancestors who took to themselves the call to be witnesses to Christ in their community and world. In these times it is our task to continue that witness.

Cardinal Sean Brady

St Patrick's Cathedral Armagh


Francis (Latin: Franciscus [fran?t?iskus]; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio[b] on 17 December 1936) is the 266th and current pope of the Roman Catholic Church, elected on 13 March 2013. As such, he is both head of the Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State.


A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, he was ordained as a priest in 1969. He served as head of the Society of Jesus in Argentina from 1973 to 1979. In 1998 he became the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and in 2001 a cardinal. Following the resignation of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, on 28 February 2013, the conclave elected Bergoglio, who chose the papal name Francis in honour of Saint Francis of Assisi. Besides being the first pope to choose the name Francis, he is also the first pope to be a Jesuit; the first pope to come from the Americas, and the first pope to come from the Southern Hemisphere.


Our school chaplain is:

Rev Ryan McAleer, CC,
Parochial House, 6 Circular Road, Dungannon,
Co Tyrone, BT71 6BE
Tel (028) 8772 2631
Fax (028) 8772 6893


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